Noosa Beach Towels

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Woven from 100% Organic Egyptian cotton the Noosa Beach Towel or Fouta (foo-tah, Egyptian for towel) has many uses. They are now a stylish accessory for everyday life and a modern alternative to the traditional ‘terry towelling’ towel … and so much more versatile. Our Fouta's are similar to a Turkish towel however they are larger (2m x 1m), woven from 100% Organic Egyptian cotton and made in Tunisia.

Fouta Beach Towels are more than just a fabulous, thin, highly absorbent cotton towel for the beach or pool! They may also be used as a picnic blanket, a wrap, or a tablecloth and are super-convenient for traveling since they pack small, taking up much less space than a typical beach towel. Plus they don’t collect sand at the beach, take up less room in the washing machine and dry in half the time!

Beautiful styles and rich vibrant colours of yarn dyed cotton with the elegance of hand-knotted fringing.

Available in two sizes: The ‘Standard’ Fouta is 2m x 1m and the ‘Extra Large’ Fouta (exclusive to Farmer Drew) is a generous 2.4m x 1.55m.

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