The Laundress All-Purpose Storage Bag


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Keep your items clean and organised with The Laundress All-Purpose Storage Bag. This protective bag is the perfect size for sweaters, jeans, sheets, and more-whether you’re storing away or packing for travel. Made of breathable cotton so insects and moths can’t get inside. We never recommend storing in plastic.


• Keeps items clean and organised

• Protects against insects and moths

• Prevents dust buildup on items

• Prevents yellowing and discolouring

Ideal For:

• Seasonal, short-term, or long-term storage

• Clothing and bedding storage

• Organising items when packing for travel

How To Use:

Fill bag with clean items for storage. Do not over-stuff!

To Clean:

Machine wash as needed with a Laundress Detergent.

Made Of:

100% cotton featuring a reinforced zip closure with a cloth zipper pull and embroidered with “The Laundress New York.”

Dimensions: 47cm x 60cm


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