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String Bags are trending all over the world, especially with the anti-plastic bag movement!

It might be a simple string bag, but it will be sure to handle whatever you ask it to hold.
At the Farmers Market fill it with all your fresh fruit and vegies. At the beach carry your towel, sunscreen and reusable water bottle – plus the sand will just fall away so no annoying sand in your beach bag!

Always have one tucked in your handbag for that last minute must have purchase or just to get that perfect shot for Instagram!

Size: 40cm x 40cm with 15cm short handles

Holds up to 8kg
100% cotton
Machine washable 30°C max
Line dry
Made in France

1 review for Large String Bag with Short Handles – Blue Jeans

  1. Jane

    Love these bags! Easy to pop in you hand bag, they take hardly any space but hold so much. Easy to use and best of all, NO PLASTIC! They are much better than the green bags you get from the supermarkets as they are easier to carry around and they don’t break. I am switching to string bags as the green fabric ones break and are actually then worse for the environment to dispose of, but these bags are awesome. Definitely recommend everyone switching to these bags.

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